Why are you called what you’re called? (Do you go by your given first name? middle name? nickname? just a last name?

For this essay you should write about your name. You may choose to write about any part of your name, your full name, or even a nickname. Through your writting of this essay, i want you to discover (if you haven’t already thought about thins) the importance of your name – the importance of your name to you. You may love your name or hate your name (or somewhere in between), but names are one of the most personal things about us, and discovering why we feel as we do about our names is discovering more about ourselves.

Some questions to consider as you are writing this essay:

1. Why are you called what you’re called? (Do you go by your given first name? middle name? nickname? just a last name?)

Answe: i go by my full name and it is Meshal Al-anazi. but in America i usually go by my last name because my first name may be deficult for some native americans.

2. Are you called different names in different situations? Why?

Answer: No.

3. How does this name fit you? What does it say about you?

Answer: My name in my native language which is arabic, it fits me perfectlly. my name means fire or something bright. And this is why i am an ambitious and positive person.

4. Has your name helped create the person you are? How so?

Answer: Yes it helped create the person i am as i said before my name means something bright and i am alwayes positive toward anything i do in my life.


1. The essay should be at least 600 words, maximum 900 words.

2. The essay should be in MLA format, double spaced, 12 font.

3. There is no need for sources for this essay.

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