Why did you select this briefing, what is unique about it? (research about systems integration).

Seminar Review Paper Introduction

The objective of this assignment is for students to witness a briefing by a technical speaker so they may have exposure to briefings other than given by their instructors. From the catalogue: Lecture series presenters will present material that is not part of the required course load to expand the horizons of the students. Each student will write a short paper on each of these presentations.

Individual Seminar Paper Review

write a short (3 to 4 pages, typed, 1 0.5 spaced) review of the briefing. The seminar review should follow the following outline:

Abstract: What was presented in the briefing. (video)
Point of View of Presenter: What view is the briefer espousing? (khan)
Justification. Why did you select this briefing, what is unique about it? (research about systems integration)
Briefers Style: What did the briefer do to keep your interest? What did she do that was not good briefing style?
Critique: Your opinion on the seminar.

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