Why does this work appeal to you?

Aviation in popular culture


Aviation and the film industry are both products of early twentieth-century technology. Consequently, Hollywood has had a fascination with flight from the beginning. Moreover, television, books, magazines, comics, and many other media have dealt with aviation-related issues over the years.

In this discussion activity, address the following:

Write a brief essay about your favorite aviation-related film, television program, book, or comic strip in your original, primary posting. Why does this work appeal to you?
Alternatively, you may select some aspect of local aviation history in your area. Perhaps there is an aircraft museum nearby or a nearby airport. If you chose this alternative option, why did you select it? Why does this place appeal to you?

The ideal original, primary posting should be approximately 100 words. Review all submitted primary postings first, and ensure that your contribution is unique and adds to the discussion. In addition, you must also respond to at least two of your fellow students’ posts with substantive replies.

This activity is worth 10 points: 6 points for your original primary posting, and 2 points for each of your two required replie

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