Why was he a leader?

need two pages worth information about Steve Jobs with two assignments one for me and the other for my friend, double spacing MLA format with five citations, due by 11/18/2015 at 13.00. The following are the requirements.

1. Two pages and third page 5 citations, MLA format, double spacing. Two assignments which don’t match each other and NO PLAGIARISM. One two pages assignment for me and one for my friend and information should not match for both papers.

2. Should contain Strengths/ weakness, shortcomings.

3. Why was he a leader?

4.What you learned about ethics and social responsibility.

5. What you gained from this leader?

The information is simple but mentioned more clearly. I am attaching the file and please follow the QUESTIONS Section for clarity. I am willing to pay $20 for both the assignments.

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