Why would you take this item above all others?

Part 1: Recall this statement – EVERYTHING outside of nature is an innovation. Everything (outside of nature) that we see, touch, use, etc. was at one time only an innovative idea. Mark Burnett has just contacted you to be on the next CBS “Survivor”. You CANNOT take the typical survival items such as flints, knives, or bottled water – you can only take one personal luxury item. Your paper should address the following: Introduction What is the personal luxury item you would take? Why would you take this item above all others? Provide a brief history including design features of this item. What are the uses this item can provide on “Survivor”? The key to this exercise is to use a non-survival item in a number of ways other than it was originally intended. Remember…EVERYTHING outside of nature is an innovation so your possibilities are endless . PArt 2: Michael Dell (Dell Computers), Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com), Howard Schultz (Starbucks) and Anita Roddick (The Body Shop) all heard these exact words when they first shared their innovative business strategies. What about you? Please answer and develop the following questions: What is impossible for you to do in (or out) of your organization, but if it could be done, would fundamentally make a change for the better? What changes would occur if it could be done. Note: your paper should include an introduction and conclusion.

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