World history discussion

1. What do you see as the biggest issues in Asia during the next few years?2. China and Japan have very different visions and memories of WWII. One reason that history is so important is that it is really never dead — issues over the Rape of Nanjing or Japanese treatment of both Chinese and Korean women is still something that tends to be glossed over in Japanese history books, yet are ongoing points of conflict with their neighbors. How can we put the past in the past? And should we?3. We have seen several countries, notably Japan, Korea and China who have moved from various economic states to become very powerful economies. In all three cases, it took about 50 years to modernize and become an economic or world power. What do you think makes the difference? Is economic success a cultural phenomenon or a governmental phenomenon?4. Why is South Korea so focused on getting along with North Korea and what do you see as the most important aspect of that relationship?

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