Would any of the readings for this term make a good sitcom?

Project 2 Task: Literary works are often adapted for other media. For this project, choose one of the readings for this term and create an extensive plan for adapting it to some other medium. Would any of the readings for this term make a good sitcom? Board game? Motion simulator ride? Fantasy adventure role-playing game? Movie? Ad campaign? Ballet? Music video? Your adaptation should center around/highlight a central theme (hopefully, the one you have developed over the course of the term). Your plan should give a description of your adaptation, and, in addition, justify the choices you make with respect to that theme. Of course, you can write in the form of an academic essay, but you could decide to submit this as a proposal to a movie studio executive or to a game manufacturer. Your instructor may even allow for other types of presentations—perhaps a Website or a poster—that include a substantial amount of text combined with graphics/other elements. Whichever frame you use, though, make sure you cite your sources using MLA format and that you include at least one scholarly article as evidence. Audience, role, and purpose: Your objective is to adapt a work of literature to another medium, drawing on evidence from the text to support your decisions. Your audience is your classmates and instructor. You may adopt a different writing role for this project, depending on the frame you use. Research and evidence: You should draw heavily on the texts that you have read in LIT for this project, but should also cite at least one scholarly article about the work, perhaps one that clarifies the theme you are addressing. Steps toward success: 1) Work hard on the topic development stage for this project. There are interesting alternatives here, so you should be able to pursue a project that appeals to your interests. 2) Take advantage of the process. 3) Checklist: • Length: 1000 to 1250 words. • Form: Varies depending on the type of project you pursue. • Sources: For this project,

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