Would your answer be different if you were working for the Post Office?

You take a job working for American Freedom First, a company that sells numerous products with various patriotic themes. You supervise about a dozen employees and are given your own office, computer and printer.

After several months you notice that things have been moved on your desk. In fact, it appears that someone has been going through your desk draws.

Concerned, you meet with your boss to tell him of the potential security concern.

He simply smiles and says that no one has been in your office or gone through your desk, except of course him. Surprised, you think he is joking.

He then tells you that he routinely goes through all employee desks and offices jut to “see what people are up to.”

He then tells you that you are spending too much time checking on personal e-mails and visiting websites he considers to be un-American.

Outraged you demand to know how he knows this. He says, “I monitor all activity on everyone’s desktop. You should be snooping on your employees as well. It’s company policy”

You demand that he apologize and stop such invasive activities or you will sue him in Federal Court for violating your Constitutional rights. He just smiles, and says that he has no intention of stopping.

Have your Constitutional rights been violated?

If so which ones specifically?

If not why not?

Would your answer be different if you were working for the Post Office?

Why or why not?

Does New York State offer any state protections, and if so, what are they?

Do you have to snoop on your employees, what are your options.

Thoroughly explain your answers.


1. answer all of questions

2. plagiarism free

3. at least 2 pages

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