Write in paragraph form the description of why you chose each word and how it describes you.

Assignment Details: Each student is to write a six-word memoir that describes them. It should reflect who you are as a person, considering all that you have experienced (think of Bronfrenbrenner’s model). In addition to providing the six words that describe you (see examples above) you are to provide a 3-10 sentence paragraph for each word of why you chose that word and how that describes you and a concluding paragraph. Activity Instructions and Details: Mechanics: • Your memoir must be submitted to the drop box on time. • Your memoir should have the six words at the top in bold, with the descriptions written in paragraph form below. • The assignment should contain margins that are exactly 1 inch all around. • The assignment should be double spaced (exactly). • The assignment should use a 12pt font in either Arial, Gills Sans or Palatino fonts in regular text. Those using Times New Roman font will be required to watch the instructor’s children for a weekend. J • The essay should include an introduction, the content paragraphs and a conclusion. • Your name and the course number (ECE 256) must be in the header. • The instructors name and the page number must be in the footer of the essay Content: • Part 1: Place your six-word memoir at the top of the paper in bold following the examples above. • Part 2: Write in paragraph form the description of why you chose each word and how it describes you. • Part 3: Write a conclusion that highlights what you learned from his assignment.

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