Write your answer in the form of a research paper in a Microsoft Word document.

Now that you have completed your course, share your opinion on CAM therapies. Compare and contrast your thoughts and understanding of these therapies before taking this course and after its completion.

Use your analysis on the basis of research and readings you have done during the course and write 2–3 paragraphs on each of the following topics that clearly depicts your understanding:

Conventional (allopathic) or mainstream medical practice
CAM therapies and practices
The benefits of acupuncture
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
Massage therapy

Write your answer in the form of a research paper in a Microsoft Word document. The paper should adhere to the following guidelines:

It should have 7- to 8-pages not including cover page, abstract, and reference list.
There should be a title or cover page.
The title or cover page must be followed by an abstract of 100–200 words.
The paper must use the APA style for citing sources and references.
The paper must have a minimum of ten current references. Note that primary, peer-reviewed references are preferred.
On a separate page, cite any sources you used in the APA format. Click hereto learn how to cite sources using APA guidelines.

Note: Peer-reviewed refers to the articles reviewed and approved by author’s professional peers who are experts on that topic.

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