Written Case Analysis with Course Reflections

Case Analysis:
For a given organization or company that you have been following (related to Fashion)
o Provide an overview of the company (who they are, what they do, their competitors, etc.)
o Evaluate the company’s social media use
o What is effective, not effective? Why?
o Use outside sources to support your points (in-text citations with references; APA citation style)
o Make recommendations for improvement (including some new initiative or campaign involving social tools)
o Include the highlights of your work during the course
o Discuss what you learned from your case analysis and how you can apply it to your own social media campaign
o Discuss your plan moving forward with these initiatives based on a critical self-reflection:
– Would you only use certain tools?
– Which ones and why?
– What new tools would you incorporate into your existing campaign or work on next?
– What would you do to improve on some of the work you did in this course?
– If you were interviewing for a position and asked to explain what you know about social media, what would you say?

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