2 discussions:

BUAD625.185_SPRING 2016!!!200 words per each discussion forumFor discussion forum 3:
1. You have to post one or more answer of three questions.For discussion forum 4:
1. Reply to the discussion question donePlease, check the following instructions attached. You need to do the assignment online
Details are upon acceptanceDiscussion Forum 3: Leader, follower, and ethics
1. What kind of leader will you be?
2. What kind of follower will you be?
3. How ethical will you be in your workplace and as a citizen?
Please share your answers to one or more of these questions.Discussion Forum 4: Enterprise or environment?
1) reply to the discussion question (two points) andYou must post your own initial answer before replying to other students\’ posts.
So that everyone has sufficient time to answer the question and to post replies to
others\’ answers, I suggest that you post your answer to the question early in the week.
Then come back later in the week to post responses to two other students.
All answers must be posted by end of day, Thursday, May 5.
Discussion Question:
Wicks, Freeman, Werhane, and Martin (Environmental Sustainability and Its
Challenges to Management, p. 319-334 in course textbook)
discuss four varied mindsets about the environment and sustainability.
Do you believe that there is a conflict between economic development and
environmental sustainability?
What is the role of ethics in your answer?

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