PPT The American Dream

PPT The American Dream
This order relates to AN20160418-68 (see it attached)20 slides
All the pics with the requirements attached.
With The American Dream Essay you are creating a 20 slide presentation with visual media and audio. You can add just some music. . Print pictures and sound. All is required!!See the outline for the powerpoint multimedia 20 slide attached. Please follow it.
On page 44 it says all of your slides will use visual media and audio or music clips, which means you need to choose your layouts, colors, fonts, and photos or other artwork.
Please do not use dark color backgrounds which make it difficult to read the print on the slide.
Remember the american Dream is an argument essay which needs to include facts, examples, statistics, charts, and properly cited quotations. It explains it on page 46.The client paid additionally for the outline. Please, write it according to the requirements.

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