A search for web sites on the health benefits of acupuncture.

This is for a Reading, writing and critical thinking course.
Assignment: answer the following questions – a paragraph for each – by recording the information you find as you search. All of the steps described below should be completed in the same file. Start each step on a new page and include step number and description (in bold) at the top of the page, but all the steps should be in the same file document.Using your favorite search engine, conduct a search for web sites on the health benefits of acupuncture. Print out and record the first 10 to 20 sites. Then, considering only the electronic addresses of the sites, rank five of the web sites returned from most to least reliable.
Using the printout of web sites for Question #1, determine the authorship or sponsorship of the five Web sites you deemed most reliable.
Using the printout of web sites for Question #1, gauge the purpose of the five web sites you deemed most reliable and worked with in Question #2 (for example: news article, web site feature, promotional material, advertisement, and so on).
Using the printout of web sites for Question #1, write a paragraph about each of the five web sites you deemed most reliable and worked with in Questions #2 and #3. Evaluate each site as a whole, considering its design, its readability, and the value of its links. Which site would be most useful in writing a paper on acupuncture? Which would be least helpful? Why?
Using the five web sites you have been working with in this exercise, make an inventory of all the common elements in these sites. Are they laid out the same way? Do they contain the same kind of information? How many of the same external links do these five sites reference? Then, write a brief response as to why you think these elements appear in each of the five sites. If the sites share nothing in common, consider why that may be so.
Using your printout from Question #1, select one of the five Web sites you have been working with in this exercise and write a 1-paragraph analysis of how the web site’s layout either helps or hinders your understanding of the content.
Using your favorite search engine, start a new search, this time narrowing the search to focus on the negative side effects of acupuncture. Select one of the sites returned, print out the electronic address, and then summarize the content of the site. Remember to provide bibliographic information of the web site you summarize.
Locate an online discussion group on the subject of acupuncture. Select three posted contributions to the list, print them out, read them carefully, and then evaluate whether or not they would be useful for a college paper on acupuncture. Remember to cut and paste a section of each contribution, or else incorporate specific quotes from each to show how you have engaged and examined these postings.
Compare three of the online sources you have found on the subject of acupuncture. Consider the information of one in the context of the other two; see if you can distinguish any singular, untested views from more mainstream views that have been subject to verification.
Using the printouts from the searches you have conducted throughout this exercise, check each of the sites for references to reliable printed sources that are not available online. Make a list of these sources, making a note of any source that is referenced more than once. Then, considering the biases of the different web sites, consider which online publications refer to which kind of printed sources. Are there overlaps? Hypothesize why or why no

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