A proposal that helps business executives distinguish between fallacies and arguments in advertising

This is for for a Reading, writing and critical thinking course.
250 word proposal
– Write a proposal that helps business executives distinguish between fallacies and arguments in advertising. To do so, will apply your knowledge of fallacies by discerning logical fallacies within an argument.Consider this scenario:
You were recently brought on as chief advertising consultant for Kataka Foods Inc., a South Korean food manufacturer. Kataka wants to successfully break into the American market next fall, but there appear to be growing concerns that their message may get lost in translation. The following, for example, is a transcript taken from a recent Kataka advertisement. It was shown to an American focus group:Eating Kataka is like climbing Kilimanjaro; it’s not going to be easy, but afterwards you’re on top of the world. Our products are made from 95% natural ingredients, good and good for millions of overweight Americans. Koreans are historically trim, so who better to trust with your dietary goals than Kataka Foods? Recent Kataka funded studies have shown troublesome correlations between diet, exercise, and Alzheimer’s disease. Let Kataka guide you on the path towards a clear body and mind.Next:
Before you can begin steering Kataka ad executives in the right direction, you must first illustrate what is failing in the current approach. In a one-page (250-word) proposal, examine the formal fallacies present in Kataka’s aforementioned advertisement. This proposal will be given to Kataka executives prior to the launch of their American campaign, and should address the following:Identify all formal fallacies within this advertisement. What are the characteristics of each fallacy?
How might these fallacies obstruct Kataka’s intended message?
How can you distinguish between fallacy and argument? How can that knowledge be applied to the Kataka example?
Propose a new advertisement for Kataka executives that is informative and free of formal fallacy.
Highlight the difference between fallacies and arguments. How can each be useful within the advertising industry? When can they be a detriment?

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