Choose a research question for which agent-based modeling (ABM) is an appropriate methodology and design and describe a pseudo-agent-based model that sufficiently explores it.

*** Please see attachment for detailed description and related reading materials for this paper. This is the final project therefore please take it seriously. Thanks a lot. ***
Format: PDF of a Word doc (or equivalent)
Length: Use your own judgement, although I am looking for quality and not quantity.Assignment: Choose a research question for which agent-based modeling (ABM) is an appropriate methodology and design and describe a pseudo-agent-based model that sufficiently explores it.Objectives: The aim of the final project is to give you an opportunity to implement what you are learning in this course. It is also to give you a taste of conducting graduate-level-type of research.Graduate-level research is typically partially based on course material and mostly on personal research. Because this course is relatively short and introductory, you are provided with a text, called Growing Artificial Societies: Social Science from the Bottom Up (referred to in the syllabus as GAS), which can/should serve as the source for most if not all of your personal research. The authors of the text, Joshua Epstein and Robert Axtell, are considered pioneers in applying ABM in the social sciences. The text is ideal for the final project because it provides all the necessary foundations for developing a pseudo-ABM. You are advised to read the relatively short text thoroughly and reference parts of it in your final project.A pseudo-ABM is a description of a model that is in words and not code. You are welcome to take your ABM beyond its pseudo phase and actually program it. I will be happy to provide you with advice in the process, if you need it. But because knowing how to program is not a prerequisite for this course, you are only being asked to provide a pseudo-ABM, using the ODD protocol.Grading will be based on:Sophistication – I am not looking for a super sophisticated model. With that said, the model needs to be interesting and have some degree of sophistication to show me that you have done your research and have given the project a sufficient amount of thought. Check with me to see whether the model you are thinking of creating is sufficiently sophisticated.
Cohesiveness – the inclusion of components of the model needs to make sense, from the perspective of the research question and the system being modeled. See CH 5 in the FM_SECASs text.
Completeness – the description needs to include and sufficiently describe all the relevant aspects. See the ODD protocol.
Clarity – the submitted document needs to be well written.The official start date of your work on the final project is May 9th, with the project due on June 5th; giving you four weeks. However, coming up with the idea of what to model and how to model it takes time, so I advise you to start thinking about it and reading GAS as early as possible. The final project represents 20 percent of your final grade, so please take it seriously. You may work on it solo or in a team of no more than two.

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