Answer 7 questions

1.) What is the meaning of life? Explore this question by referencing a work of art (painting, sculpture, etc. like those presented in Janson’s History of Art. ( 4 paragraph)
2.) 2. Give an example of how a work of art, such as a painting, sculpture, or photograph, can embody meaning and give insight into the meaning of life.
3. How have those who deny that works of art have meaning used the parallel between linguistic and (putative) artistic meaning to argue their case?
4. What might an opponent of Formalism say in defense of the thesis that aesthetic worth or value is not solely a matter of a work’s form?
7. How does Cooper suggest that “analogical predication” can be used to arrive at a distinct sense of “meaning” when applied to life just as such?
10. Compare the societies depicted in 1984 and Herland with regard to individual liberty.
11.) How do Herland and 1984 differ with regard to peace and war?
13. What does the image of Moloch represent in Metropolis? How does this symbolize one aspect of technophobia?Materials :
Herland- Charlotte Perkins Gilman\’s novel HerlandCooper\’s Book- Meaning and the ArtsNineteen Eighty Four- George Orwell

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