MDA Discussion Paper

1 page Discussion PaperHere are the instructions:Read the literature under course information called \”Critical Thinking\”Do not wait until Monday to interact with your Learning Set. be sure to engage your Learning Set members with questions about the readings or the above activities.
Your participation this week is required. Remember that your responses will be assessed based upon the timeliness and quality of your work in your Learning Set. You are expected to participate substantially; specifically, you are to post at least two meaningful and insightful responses to your Learning Set. I will look for the following contributions to the dialogue in your posts:Asking insightful questions
Adding to the learning of the Set
Offering contributions based upon the literature and your practice
Engaging in critically collaborative inquiry
The questions to be answered during the discussion this week are:What role does critical reflection play in defining problems?
How will you review your learning and prescription to your wicked-problem?
When defining the problem over the last couple of weeks, was it emancipatory to all humanistic bias? If not how can you re-structure your work-based problem?
What is the importance of understanding bias when diagnosing problems?

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