Compare and contrast each company based on how you view their relationship with stakeholders.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Corporate initiative to assess and take responsibility for the company’s effects on the environment and impact on social welfare. The term generally applies to company efforts that go beyond what may be required by regulators or environmental protection groups. Corporate social responsibility may also be referred to as “corporate citizenship” and can involve incurring short-term costs that do not provide an immediate financial benefit to the company, but instead promote positive social and environmental change. ( Purpose of Assignment: It is a commonly held belief that many smaller businesses appreciate their customers more, hold themselves to higher environmental standards, and value the communities in which they serve. It is the purpose of this assignment for students to research, analyze, and make rational decisions on the best ways for companies to uphold CSR. Students will work individually, in order to gain a better understanding of how CSR impacts all areas of a business’ operations. Students will not only research to see what companies have done in the past and what issues have arisen, but also make recommendations for future decisions based on the critical thinking model utilized in this course. Goals of Assignment: 1) Research two (2) companies in the same industry. One company will be a large national or multinational firm, and the other will be a local or regional company. 2) Use the various models of CSR to analyze the decisions and operations of each company. 3) Provide opportunities to display Critical Thinking outside of the classroom and with real-world situations. Graded Parts of Assignment: 1) History, Comparison, and Bibliography (50 Points) 2) Culture, Leadership, and CSR (100 Points) 3) Marketing (50 Points) 4) Sustainability (50 Points) 5) Final Presentation (50 Points) 6) 300 Points Total Due Dates: 1) History, Comparison, and Bibliography – End of Week 3 2) Culture, Leadership, and CSR – End of Week 5 3) Marketing – End of Week 10 4) Sustainability – End of Week 13 5) Final Presentation – End of Week 14 Requirements of Business Ethics Project Sections 1) History, Comparison, and Bibliography • Select one (1) local or regional company and one (1) national or multinational company that compete in the same industry. • Provide a written history of each company, their products/services, operations, and distribution. • Compare and contrast each company based on how you view their relationship with stakeholders. • An annotated bibliography, of at least eight (8) references that helped you understand your two (2) companies. i. Sources could include government agencies, trade magazines, national/regional publications, statistical studies, articles, books, textbooks, company/competition specific websites, etc. 2) Culture, Leadership, and CSR • Using content from the course, provide a narrative on the culture of each selected company. This could include: utilitarianism, principle based decision making, virtue ethics, discussion of mission and vision statements, code of ethics, assessment and monitoring within in a firm, and value based or compliance based ethics. • Describe the leadership (CEO and/or management team) of each company. Focus on the difference between ethical and effective leadership, and make sure to support your decisions with referenced citations. • Discuss which model of CSR you believe each company falls into: Economic, Philanthropic, Social Web, or Integrative. Make sure to use content from the course, in addition to facts, to provide depth to your conclusion. 3) Marketing • By this point in the semester we have discussed the ethical dilemmas when it comes to the marketing of a product/service. Some industries or companies are predisposed to more ethical dilemmas based on the nature of their product/service. Given your selection of companies, choose one area of ethical dilemmas in marketing to: i. research the problems facing the industry ii. any ethical dilemmas your companies have made iii. how each company has responded to those ethical dilemmas iv. recommendations on how each company could have responded better • Such marketing ethical dilemmas may include: product liability/strict product liability, negligence, product pricing, manipulation in marketing and sales, or advertising to vulnerable populations. 4) Sustainability • Very similar to the marketing discussion, sustainability can be more of an issue in some industries versus other. Given your selection of companies, choose one area of ethical dilemmas that relates to environmental sustainability to: i. research the sustainability issues facing the industry ii. how each company has responded to those ethical dilemmas iii. recommendations on each company can become more environmentally sustainable • When discussing your answers, provide direct links to course content such as: natural capitalism, three pillars of sustainability, environmental regulations, market and regulatory approaches, and sustainable development, biomimicry, eco-efficiency, and service based industries. 5) Final Presentation • Each student will upload an 8 – 10 minute visual presentation through Blackboard by the end of Week 14. Presentation should be a summation of the entire project and include thought provoking information on each of the main areas addressed above. Lastly, full points will be awarded for audio in combination with the visual presentation. • Presentation can be completed in a variety of formats, including: Powerpoint, Jing, TechSmith, Prezi, Screen Cast-O-Matic, Cougar WebEx, etc. Please contact your instructor for any questions regarding audio recording. 6) Each Section Requirements: • At least 2 pages in length • Double spaced • 12 points Time New Roman, Arial or Tahoma Font • In top right hand corner list: o Your Name o Date o BMGT2216 • Last Page: Sources listed in MLA or APA Format • Submit to by the due date. • Submit to Blackboard links and attach your Word Document by the due date. • Use the following websites if you have questions regarding business searches through CSCC libraries: o o • Use the following websites if you have questions about MLA or APA formatting of bibliographies: o o

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