Debating what makes something a science.

No more than 6 pages total. We are debating what makes something a science. Additionally, what makes either makes or does not make Creation Science a science based on our findings of what is a science. Instructions in class: Use 2 writers from class (i.e., Popper, Kuhn, Ruse, Moreland, Lakatos, Thagard, Laudan) to create a paper which uses one author as your stance FOR and one author as your stance AGAINST what makes something a science. My problem with this entire activity is that I believe that the problem does NOT lie in what makes science a science, but lies in WHY someone would want to label something as a science. The problem that I have labelling Creation Science a science is because I believe that they just want to get their foot in the door in an attempt to teach theology. I believe that you should use Laudan as my against and possibly Lakatos as my for? I don’t really care at this point, I’m just overwhelmed.

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