Demonstrate your understanding of some main points and arguments of at least three of the readings we’ve read in the course.

1. Respond to the following question, or a question that is logically similar to it (if it is very different, clear it with instructor); your clear and defensible response to it will be your thesis:
a. What is the meaning of life?

2. Present at least two arguments for your position and demonstrate your understanding of some main points and arguments of at least three of the readings we’ve read in the course.

3. Word minimum: 3000 words. Word maximum: 4000 words.

4. Make sure you have a clearly stated thesis that begins with the words “In this paper I will argue that . . .” and that appears in the first paragraph of the paper. The thesis should contain a normative claim.

5. Reference any ideas you use from other sources, and make sure you properly cite all works consulted.

6. Consider one or more alternative analyses/interpretations to at least one aspect of the position you take. Respond to any alternative approach by explaining why you think it is the wrong approach, or allow that some part, or all, of the approach is correct and give reasons why.

7. Use your own words, except where explicitly quoted and/or referenced. Failure to do this could result in a zero for the assignment (see syllabus for definitions and consequences of plagiarism).

8. Use Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced. Insert page numbers, preferably on the bottom right of the page. Do not right justify.

9. Proofread carefully for typos of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and awkward or unclear sentences. These are common errors of haste that can make reading your work difficult and will affect your grade. Use complete sentences. Proofread your work several times carefully. Omit needless words. (This webpage is an invaluable source of good writing style; reading or at least consulting it will be of great benefit to you.)

10. It will be assumed that you have read and understood the course text Writing Philosophy by Lewis Vaughn. Follow the guidelines provided in this book in writing your paper, as well as the ten criteria from the Paper Rubric on Moodle.

11. Format your paper according to Appendix A of the Vaughn book, (though do not use a title page) and document according to Appendix B. Other methods of citing sources are acceptable, though consult instructor to be sure.

Step by step:

1) Download this document to your desktop, class folder, or other location on your computer. Put your name and date at the top where indicated and delete all instructions.
2) Name the file according to this model (where you put your last name and first name in place of the model words):


3) Type paper into this document and SAVE.
4) Upload your document using the UPLOAD FA panel on the Moodle course page. Convert to Word .doc, .docx, or .rtf file. (i.e., I will not be able to open wpd, wps, or other file types; if you use of one these your paper may be considered late.)
5) Good luck!

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