Describe here briefly what it is you want them to do. Also, why does this request require influence?

Pick something at work or school that you want your boss, peer(s), or subordinate(s) to do, do more of, or do better. This must be something that requires influence —i.e., something that they will not choose to do by themselves, and that they will not do unless influenced to do it. Yet, your request must be realistic (they might actually do it if you communicate well or apply incentives). What you request also must be important to you, not trivial — e.g., giving you a raise, not lending you a pen. Next, address the five items below:

1. Request. (3 points):
What is your request? Describe here briefly what it is you want them to do. Also, why does this request require influence? How do you know they are unlikely do it without this influence attempt?
2. Audience Analysis. (5 points):
Who is your audience? What about your audience must you take into account as you tailor your message to this audience?
3. The Message. (6 points):
Include here what your message is. If the message is to be delivered in writing (e.g., a memo) then include it here verbatim (e.g., include the memo). If the message is to be delivered orally, then include the script and any accompanying visual aids. For the sake of this assignment, please keep this section under four pages long (double-spaced).
4. Influence Tactics. (10 points):
Upon which influence tactics is your message built (e.g., which persuasion tactic, which power base)? Name each influence tactic that you use, and describe how you applied the tactic in your message.
5. Reality check. (1 point):
Will you really deliver this message? Why or why not?

This paper cannot exceed eight double-spaced pages, not including optional title pages, references or appendices. Include the Submission Checklist for Papers, which describes formatting requirements, and it is attached.

Information for the paper: I used to be sponsored by a financial company named Barwa. On summer 2014, my sponsorship contract has been expired and I was given unlimited time to request a new contract that gives me sponsorship for another 2 years. I would like to advice my audience -students who study with me Management class- to accomplish something they need in an earlier time instead of waiting until the last day -e.g. applying for a job no later than a specific date and time, complete an assignment few days earlier before due date…etc. It is important to me to give them an ORAL speech about it because it will help me to have meaningful power in future to convince my managers or coworkers in achieving my goals by using tactics that I used in class speech.

It’s very important to concepts from attached files while writing the paper.

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