. Describe relationships between elected and appointed officials and governing boards.

Multi-Sector Collaboration in Complex Policy Environments: The Case of the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership” Case Study Assignment Fall 2015 (100 pts.) Instructions The basis for this assignment is the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership case which can be found on PILOT. This case exemplifies intergovernmental/interorganizational relations and highlights the challenges associated with the use of multi-sector organizational networks to provide services. This assignment is designed to help you demonstrate proficiency in the following course learning outcomes: 1. Describe relationships between elected and appointed officials and governing boards 2. Recognize the benefits and challenges relevant to managing information, networks, and partnerships among public, private and/or nonprofit organizations 3. Identify the institutional, legal and political fundamentals that frame the policy process 4. Prepare clear, concise and well-organized written materials Use the following framework to help you identify the critical issues and actors, and guide your systematic analysis of the case. 1) Determine the key problems(s) or issue(s) and identify key stakeholders and their interests; 2) Identify and describe the political, legal, and administrative contexts of the case, including relevant intergovernmental relations and network members; and 3) Identify the alternative courses of delivery and critically assess their strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and potential implications. Explain why (or why not) the network structure outlined in the case is the most efficient, effective, equitable, and responsive solution to providing workforce development services in the Chicago/Cook County region 4) Make sure your discussion is supported by evidence from your readings, class lectures, and the case. You will demonstrate your understanding by explicitly applying core course concepts (underline or bold core concepts referenced in your text) in your written analysis. Your brief should not exceed 10 pages in length, but it should be comprehensive in its analysis and well written. It should also not simply retell the case, but instead use facts and examples from the case to illustrate your points and frame your argument. Points may be deducted for poorly written assignments or papers with an unacceptable number of writing errors. Your final paper should be written in an active, narrative format appropriate for a general audience. It should not be simply a series of questions and answers, nor should it be written as an academic term paper. An example case study assignment from a previous class provides an example of the writing style that should be used for this assignment. To reiterate, the analysis shall be performed by explicitly identifying and appropriately applying relevant course concepts gleaned from assigned readings and class discussions. Make sure to include a title page and follow the remaining format requirements outlined in the syllabus. Do not include any personally identifying information (i.e., your name in a header or footer) within the text. Your name should only appear on the title page

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