Describe the author’s sources and evaluate their credibility.

After reading the article, follow the instructions below to write your abstract:

Make a copy of the article (including references) to hand in with your abstract.
In no more than two or three double spaced (1” margins), typed pages, write up your summary to include everything in the following format:

At the top of page one, under your name, provide full bibliographic information on the article following APA guidelines as exampled below. If you have any questions about this format, be sure to ask prior to turning in your assignment.

If the article has one author:

McCoy, Z. K. (1990). The need for interpersonal communication as a

required course for CSU students. Communication Monographs, 3, 137-196.

If the article has more than one author:

Bates, N., Krueger, F., Hess, J., & Voorhees, J. (1989). Our common

ancestors: A genealogy. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 4, 19-25.

Summarize the content of the article. You may have to read the article more than once to do this. In your own words, explain what the article is addressing and how the author(s) go about it.
What is/are the important conclusion(s) or recommendation(s) provided by the author(s)? In other words, how did they answer the questions that were asked in the research?
Explain how you think this research could be used in practice.
Evaluate the article. Would you conduct the research in the same way? How might you conduct the research? Please do not discuss the difficulty of the statistics; skip them if you need to.

Preparing an Oral Review of an Academic Article**


Typically, when you are asked to review an academic article your instructor will expect you to:

Ö Identify the author’s thesis.

Ö Explain the methods by which the author arrived at his or her conclusions.

Ö Explain the author’s findings.

Ö Identify the author’s theoretical perspective, if applicable.

Ö Evaluate the study’s validity, if applicable.

Ö Describe the author’s sources and evaluate their credibility.

Ö Show how the findings of the study might be applied to other circumstances, and make suggestions for how the study might lead to further research

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