What are the main reasons divorce rates have increased sharply over the latter half of the twentieth century?

Please read and become familiar with the concepts found in Chapter’s 11-13 of your text. Answer the questions below from the “Concept Checks” found at the end of each chapter of your text and incorporate your answers into a five-to-six page paper:

According to the functionalist perspective, what are two main functions of the family?
Describe changes in family structure in the U.S. since 1960.
Identify and discuss the seven most important changes occurring in families worldwide according to chapter 11 of the text.

Explain the findings of Kozol and Coleman regarding education and compare and contrast the differences in those findings.
How do sociologists differ from other scholars in their approach to studying religion?
What is religious nationalism?
Describe three main characteristics of the state.
What is a welfare state?
Can the U.S be described as a welfare state? Why?
Compare and contrast the concepts of democracy and communism.
Define and provide an example of the informal economy and explain if it has a positive or negative effect on the formal economy.
WRITING REQUIREMENTS: Your paper should be at least five-to-six pages in length for full credit. Answers to the questions should be written in a thoughtful, more narrative style with smooth transitions between paragraphs that cogently outlines your thinking rather than providing short, overly simplistic answers.

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