Essay (writing)

Write a 400 words(100 words each question)Discussion board response answering these questions
1. What problems did Mao and the Communist party face in 1949, and how did they deal with them? Where were they successful, and where were they failures?2. How does the outcome of the democracy movement and the result at Tienenmen Square influence the future of China? Was that the only opportunity for democracy, or is this an on going struggle? What do you think will be the outcome? Are American leaders right in hoping that bringing in more capitalism will help to create democracy? Or has China learned how to reap the benefits of capitalism without having to move to democracy?3. What do you see as the biggest strengths and weaknesses of the Chinese government today? How will these impact the growth of China\’s economy over the near future?4. Why is South Korea so focused on getting along with North Korea and what do you see as the most important aspect of that relationship?You also have to write out your 100 words thesis statement on the topic \”China\’s one child policy\” for the classmates to comment on.Login details upon acceptance

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