After a period of close reading, critical thinking and engaging discussion, students will prepare a final statement on one of the works discussed. This response will answer one of the questions asked, be roughly 250 words long, and include an integrated, direct quote from the text to support the opinion. Quotations must be in quotation marks and all quotations must be cited. It is not necessary to include a Reference page entry for the story. A good approach to a Response is to state a clear answer to the question asked in the first sentence and then support that answer in a paragraph with at least one direct quotation from the story.
The story Fences by August WilsonUnit 6 Response: How does this story reflect the experience of African Americans in the 1950s.Be sure to support your observations with appropriate cited quotes from the story. Before you write your response, it would be a good idea to do a little quick research on that decade in American history and the issues African Americans faced.

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