Ethics and morality

1.) The author of a recent text on ethics and morality suggested that if a college offered two separate courses called “introduction to ethics” and “introduction to morals,” that students would enter the courses with different ideas of what they would experience in each course. Which of the two classes would you prefer to take? What would you expect to find in it that would be more interesting than the other class? Why?2.) Name and describe any drawbacks to ethical pluralism when it is contrasted with ethical monism.3.) Philosopher, mathematician, and Nobel Laureate Bertrand Russell noted that by Hindu tradition, it is wicked to eat beef. In the traditional Hindu setting, a person who knowingly ate beef would be shunned by a community as well as forced into an untouchable caste. Some types of gelatin, however, that are made from beef bones (no other kinds work) are used as medicine against crippling bone diseases. Describe how, if you were Hindu and afflicted with this bone disease, you would choose whether or not to take the medicine.4.) Name a notable moral philosopher or sociologist whose writings you feel will not lead you to be able to make any predictions about how some individual will act in particular situations. Provide an example of something done by an actual person or a character in a film that stands outside the range of what the theory predicts. Explain why you believe the actual act and the theory’s predictive ability are not compatible with each other.5.) When writing of euthanasia, philosopher Bertrand Russell compares it favorably against: either birth control , war , abortion, spankingFirst question 4 paragraph everything else except the last question one paragraph. To answer the second to last question – The film its referencing is The Killers (1964 year of production)

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