yped academic essay on a selected topic related to the issue of immigration in Australia

The Case Study Report comprises a 3,000 word, typed academic essay on a selected topic
related to the issue of immigration in Australia. The report will be submitted via Turnitin on
Blackboard. The topic, as well as materials on the preparation of the case study will be posted on
Blackboard. Please note that the Case Study report will be assessed for English Language
Proficiency [ELP].School of Medical and Health Sciences
The Case Study report will be marked according to the following four criteria:
1. Identification of all the key issues presented in the case: 10%
2. Application of appropriate published information/evidence to these issues 65%
3. The ability to present a reasoned, well-argued and well written report 15%
4. Appropriate and correct use of referencing 10%
The Case Study should be correctly referenced using an approved referencing system. This
includes the ECU referencing format or the APA referencing formats. The APA referencing guide
can be downloaded from the following website:

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