Executive Business Proposal wk5IP

3–5 pages; include charts to support workAssignmentAn executive business proposal always includes an executive financial statement. This work displays financial data, as well as the company\’s pro-forma income projections, cash flow, and break-even analysis. The pricing strategy used demonstrates how the assumptions are obtained.Explain your plan to finance the operation.
In your executive financial statement, include the following:
Pro-forma income projections
Profit and loss statements
Three-year summary
Detail by month for the first year
Years 2 and 3 (annual outlook)
Notes of explanation
Pro-forma cash flow
One-year summary
Detail by month for the first year
Assumptions upon which projections were basedWriter: I am attaching two papers so you can see what the project is on. You can use the information from the papers to follow the assignment instructions here.

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