Human Resources

3–5 pages plus an organizational chartAssignmentIn major business operations, managers conventionally focus their attention on devising the best strategic and tactical plans. To succeed, they also must have an understanding of the human side of management, which incorporates the alignment of the company’s cultures, values, people, and behaviors to encourage the desired results. This portion of the project will address the organization structure, management credibility, and operational procedures to achieve such success. This section should provide valuable insight to organizations and their sound strategies.Continue developing the concept by clarifying human resources and location and facilities.Submit the following:
Organizational chart
Ownership information (legal structure of business)
Management profiles
Operating proceduresHuman resources
Employee alignment structure (state qualifications of personnel)
Security procedures
Facilities plan
Human Resources plan (how will you requite, interview, hire, train employees)Writer: Attached is my business plan. These instructions here have to be off of the paper I attached.

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