Explain everything that you added, changed, or deleted in between drafts.

A thesis-driven argument discussing more than two perspectives

Choose a topic, do some research, and write a persuasive essay by using sources to support the claims you make. Argue from sources. Develop your ideas by discussing the ideas of others. Name the authors and, when possible, put them in subject position. Paraphrase or quote the ideas or information, explaining how it contributes to your argument. In other words, tell us why you are including that information and how you want us to interpret it. Speak to us directly. Be as direct and explicit as possible. In particular, be explicit about the different perspectives that you identified in your research. Name them. If you want, you could organize your essay around the perspectives.

Your essay should be at least four pages, typed and double spaced. List your sources in the body of your essay and at the end, using either MLA or APA format. Bring your draft August 10, and bring your finished essay with draft(s) attached August 17. As stated on our syllabus, you need to indicate the changes you made as you revised. That is, explain everything that you added, changed, or deleted in between drafts. One way to do that is to underline or highlight the changes on a draft. If you have sent drafts to me, then you do not have to attach them to your finished essay, but you still need to indicate the changes that you made

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