Explain how behaviorism can still be relevant today.

1. Describe how conditioning explains changes in your own behavior that you have observed, at home. Provide two or three examples. Be sure to relate theory and research to your examples. Cite textbooks or articles to support your conclusions.

2. Find a peer-reviewed research study that addresses the theory or treatment of phobias that was published after 1990. Summarize the methods used and the conclusions made, and describe the key aspects of the research that reflect behaviorist principles.

3. Explain how behaviorism can still be relevant today. What are the limits of behaviorism? Are there processes that it does not explain well? For example, behaviorists believed that babies and children learned language through rewards and punishments, but today we know that language learning is a much more complex process. The behaviorist approach was not sufficient to explain the totality of language learning.

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