Explain whether political, religious, or economic concerns were the most dominant motivation.

Unit II Essay Compose a 500-word point-of-view essay illustrating a chosen perspective of one of the figures listed below:
a citizen of Jamestown, VA during Bacon’s Rebellion,
a former indentured servant witnessing a slave auction,
a Spanish citizen during the Pueblo Revolt,
a Puritan sailor witness to the Arbella sermon,
a citizen of Salem, MA during the witch trials, or
 a Chesapeake farmer reacting to the Navigation Acts.

As this is a point-of-view essay, a modern perspective will not accurately address what the question is asking for. It is strongly suggested that at least one selection from the provided source book be used to research the event and views of the time. All sources and their use must be appropriately identified using APA style.

Unit III Essay
Select one debated topic from the three below, and construct a 500-word (minimum) academic essay that provides an overview of the debate—making certain to include key individuals, events, acts, the time period, the location, and why the debate was initiated. Identify the victor and why you feel they “won” the debate. Considering current events, what events experienced today are similar to your selected debated topic? Explain whether political, religious, or economic concerns were the most dominant motivation.

3 Debated Topics (choose one)
1. The appropriate action of the colonists in response to taxation imposed by the British crown
2. The proper response by American colonists concerning the standing presence of British officials and soldiers
3. The ability of the colonists to rule themselves while still respecting the king’s authority

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