Give a quote that you think is important from this website.

We learn lessons from many people if we are open to learning. You are working on a paper concerning “A Hard Lesson You Have Learned.” To add to your learning on this project, go to the internet and look until you find a good source from someone you may know about concerning “Lessons Learned.” Examples of famous people who share their ideas are Oprah Winfrey and famous football coach, Lou Holz. Below are websites where you may find these lessons. You are not required to use these. Search for people you are interested in knowing.
Do the following:
A. Many people influence our lives.Sometimes we are influenced by people we will never meet. Have you been influenced by people whom you have never met? Who are these people? What impresses you about them?
Write a paragraph answering these questions.
B. Go to one of the websites below and review what is available. Choose one of these websites or another website that gives you information on successful people. Give a quote that you think is important from this website. Also, in your own words talk about why you think this quote is important and what it means to you.
Write a paragraph about this research.
APA style 3 pages min.

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