State the nutrients from your report that you were over or under your goals and indicate next to each nutrient if you were over or under.

The purpose of this assignment is twofold: 1) To gather data from your own dietary intake over three (3) daysand analyze your intake compared to DRI goals. 2) To learn about individual nutrient and the roles in your body, food sources, and possible nutrient deficiencies.


You will record and enter your intake for three (3) consecutive days – 2 week days and 1 weekend day- into the Person MasteringNutrition Diet Analysis Tool.

You will analyze your following 3 day Average Reports: Actual intakes vs Recommended Intakes, MyPlate and Energy Balance, using the question prompts included in the instructions below.

You will submit your full assignment as one document on Blackboard, under Assessments in the Diet Analysis Drop Box before the due date.


  1. Review the Grading Form for this assignment BEFORE moving forward with this assignment.
  2. Watch all of the instructional videos located on the 1st page of the Diet Analysis program located on the Pearson MasteringNutrition site.
  3. Once you have followed the instructions for entering your foods and activities for three days, you will download all of the reports into one word document. In the same word document you will answer the following questions for the corresponding reports.


  • 1) Actual intakes vs Recommended Intakes Report: (you may make a chart to answer this question)
    1. a) State the nutrients from your report that you were over or under your goals and indicate next to each nutrient if you were over or under.
    2. b) Describe what you will do to improve your intake of each of the listed nutrients.
    3. c) Lastly, you will explain the possible health consequences over time of not meeting/exceeding the goal of each of the listed nutrients.

Use the following references to support your work: Nutrition and You.  7 Vitamins and 8 Minerals.

  • 2) My Plate Report:
    1. a) State if you met/exceeded/did not meet your goal for EACH of the My Plate food groups.
    2. b) Describe what foods- name of the food, not the food group (ex: you would be specific and state “whole wheat bread” NOT “grains”- you should include less/more of in EACH of the food groups to best meet your goals.

Use the following references to support your work: Nutrition and You. Chapter 2 and website.

  • 3) Energy Balance Report:
    1. a) State your Energy Balance and explain what that means in relationship to weight management and BMI.
    2. b) Describe what you can do in both diet and physical activity to improve your Energy Balance.

Use the following reference to support your work: Nutrition and You. Chapters 2 and Chapter 10.

  1. Once you have completed the above work, you will prepare your assignment for submission.

Your submission must include the following components IN THIS ORDER:

  • Cover page formatted per APA guidelines
  • All three day average reports
  • Written analysis (must include in-text citations)
  • Bibliography (Reference list) per APA guidelines


  1. Submit your document to the Diet Analysis Drop Box located under Assessments in Blackboard. You may submit this assignment any time before the due date.


See Grading Form for Diet Analysis Project.

I will not accept hard copies of this assignment. You MUST submit this assignment via Blackboard.

Late submissions will be accepted with point deductions.

About the written portion of this project:

-References MUST be used.

-APA writing format must be used for references/citations.

See following Links which address the most important aspects of APA writing and referencing formats

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