Homework Assignment: Landform scavenger hunt

In this exercise, we\’ll use the program Google Earth. You should be able to download a free copy onto your own computer, or use a campus computer with Google Earth already installed. The instructions here assume that you are familiar with basic functions of the software like managing layers, navigation, changing view angles and vertical exaggeration and using Place Finder to go to a named location, or entering latitude and longitude directly.Practice first by finding the 3 named locations below, using “Fly to” in Google Earth. Select the best choice in the search list, then click Go to zoom into the location you\’ve selected. Explore further, try your own locations of interest.Location
State/Country Instructions
New Orleans Louisiana Zoom in to see the birds-foot delta of the Mississippi River
Dinosaur Colorado Then go due north along 109°W meridian to 40.54°N and zoom in and tilt
Victoria Falls Zimbabwe Change view angle and tiltYour task in this exercise is to explore landscapes that contain examples of landforms that we’ve studied in class and in the readings. You\’ll use Google Earth to see views of these features, and you should use the navigation tools to get different angles and heights to help visualize the topography – the form is obviously important to a landform. Specifically, you will complete a Landform Scavenger Hunt whereby you will match a list of landforms with a list of locations provided to you.Full details in uploaded document.

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