Leadership and Clinical Governance Assessment

It should be written in APA referencing. And the references should be in deakin library.HNN320 Leadership and Clinical Governance
2500 Words – 60% of the total grade
Assessment Task Two
Purpose of assessment task 2
The purpose of this assessment task is to provide you with the opportunity to reflect on and
demonstrate knowledge of the Registered Nurse’s role in leadership, clinical risk
management, clinical governance, quality improvement and change management.
Assignment question:Part One (2000 words):
Nurses play a significant role in delivering quality and safe patient care. Critically examine
three (3) episodes of care outlined in the case study (available from the Cloud Deakin site).
Drawing on contemporary resources, discuss the relevant factors associated with theepisodes of care. Outline recommendations, supported by evidence, to improve the patientPlease note: Students should avoid resorting to the ‘blame and shame’ of individuals or
organisations within the case study. Rather, factors leading to the outcomes for the patient
Part Two (500 words):
Using the reflections entered into your ePortfolio, critically reflect over your learning both inthe course and the unit (HNN320). Write a 500 word professional reflection that identifieskey points of learning from your studies, as well as areas in which you believe you need
further development.
Unit Learning Outcomes and Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes
This assessment task provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate the following Unit
Learning Outcomes and Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes;

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