Career Exploration

Career ExplorationCase AssignmentPart I: VisionComplete the Vision Statement.
1.Click the CareerBeam (CB) link (under Tools & Links).
2.Select the Career Exploration dropdown menu on the left side of the menu bar.
3.Click Vision & Synthesis in the drop-down menu.
4.Under the Envisioning Your Future bar, click the Start button next to Vision.
5.Read the text under the three tabs: Overview, Vision Statement, and Writing a Vision Statement.
6.Create your own vision statement. Note: The vision statement created in Career Beam should be a sentence or two but no more than a short paragraph. Write the vision statement in a separate MS-Word file, NOT through the Vision Statement Creation link under Exercises.Part II: Trident EducationAfter completing your vision statement, write a few paragraphs on how your degree from Trident University will help you to achieve your vision. What skills do you think you can learn at Trident to help you achieve success in the career that you described in your vision statement?Part III: ReflectionIn the final part of the assignment, answer the following question in detail:
•Reflecting back, how has your vision impacted your career satisfaction in the past?Assignment ExpectationsComplete all three parts of the writing assignment in a single MS-Word document. Upload the essay to the Case 4 dropbox. Please note that the assignment should include the vision statement and thorough answers to Parts II and III for full credit.Other Helpful HintsNote that the Guided Imagery questions are merely to provoke thoughts about the future. Use the following Guided Imagery Description to help stimulate your thoughts and reflect on what you envision for your future. Do not worry about how you’ll get there—just envision your best future.Guided ImageryImagine you are starting a typical day about five years from now. It’s a workday. You are trying to decide what to wear. Look over your collection of clothes. What do finally decide to wear?Imagine you are making yourself look nice in front of the mirror. How do you feel as you think about the coming day at work? Calm? Excited? Bored? Afraid?You are eating breakfast now. Is there anyone with you or are you eating alone?You’re ready to head to work. Is your office in your home? If not, how do you get there? How far away is the office?You are entering your workplace now. Stop for a moment and try to get a mental picture of your workplace. Where is it? What does it look like? Who is there? How many people do you work with? What are they doing?Complete the morning—work right up to lunchtime. Form an image of the things you do on the job.Think about what you are actually doing. Are you working with ideas or adding figures?Are you working with people, talking to them, helping them in some way? Are you using tools or running a machine? Do you work mostly by yourself or with lots of other people? Are you mostly indoors or outdoors?Now it’s lunchtime. Where do you go? Who are the people you eat with? What are they like? What are they talking about?Return to work now and finish your workday. Is there anything different from the morning’s work? What is the last thing you do before you finish your workday?Your workday is coming to an end. Has it been mostly satisfying or frustrating? What has made it so?

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