• Quality Control
• Government Service
• Office Management
Go to google on the upper “identify relevant internet sites that provide further information on the interest areas that you selected.
Go to sgoogle research three industries that are relevant to your areas of interest.
Part II
Go to google, research relevant companies that might provide opportunities for you to fulfill your vision that you complete in the Case Assignment. Conduct searches using the advanced search option and the following criteria, or combination of criteria:
• Search for companies within the Industry you have identified as your target.
• Search for companies within the geographic location where you would like to live and work.
• For each company, search the contact list to identify people with the appropriate position, title, and/or job function for your search.
Final Writing Assignment:
Answer the following questions/discussions in detail in an MS-Word document:
• Write a paragraph describing your interests. Include the three selected occupations and which three industries you selected.
• What did you learn about those industries?
• What insights and information did you obtain of significance to your career search?
• Which Internet resources did you find most useful?
• Your listing of relevant target companies and your listing of company contacts from your searches
• Reflecting back, how have your interests impacted your career satisfaction in the past?
SLP Assignment Expectations
Complete both parts of the SLP assignment in a single MS-Word document and address the questions of the final writing assignment. Upload the essay in the SLP 4 dropbox.

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