How might Nissan rely on Six Sigma, employee empowerment, benchmarking and tools, such as diagrams, to improve the quality of their products?

Professor Recommendation for correcting my project.

You addressed the required questions. Theory of Constraints: Your discussion of the theory of constraints is on the right path. The theory of constraints will help Nissan determine any bottlenecks. I recommend that you review page 6 of the case study. Total Quality Management: I encourage you to expand the paragraph on TQM. How might Nissan rely on Six Sigma, employee empowerment, benchmarking and tools, such as diagrams, to improve the quality of their products? Deming’s points are the core of TQM. I recommend discussing his points, too. Cause and Effect Diagram: You have a good start on the cause and effect diagram. The cause and effect diagram should be specific to supply partners failing to implement new materials for Nissan. This is a what-if scenario and you can brainstorm different reasons why a supply partner may fail to implement new materials. The diagram needs to include issues with the manpower, method, inventory, and equipment. You will also need to write a paragraph summarizing your cause and effect diagram. Page 219 of the textbook provides an excellent example of a cause and effect diagram. Process Map: The process map is missing the date and the process should be more detailed. The process map will look similar to the one in the textbook on page 280. However, you can add additional processes and wait times that you see fit. Here are some examples of creating a process map. These are a lot more complex then the one that you need to create; however they are good examples. Your process map can be as simple as the example in the textbook. 1. and 2. . You can use the drawing tools in MS Word to create the map. You will also need to write a paragraph describing the process map and how an operations manager uses it. Data Analysis: Good work at performing the location analysis. An operations manager would use one of the four major methods to evaluate a location. The data provided in the rubric can be easily used with the factor-rating method. Once the weighted scores are calculated, then you will find that your result will be different. The table of the weighted scores needs to be included. The best location would be the one with the highest score. Please refer to page 333 – 334 in the textbook. Articulation of Response: Good work at inserting the references. The citations are missing. Refer to the following website on the APA format: There are some grammar and punctuation errors. I recommend proofreading your work. Overall, your spelling is good. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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