POS2041 Final Exam

4 pages altogether
Directions: Answer each of the four questions. Answers should be approximately 1 page double-spaced. Be sure to cite in text and in a references page at the end of the exam.1. Find copies of the Democratic and Republican platforms for the 2012 election. Using these documents compare and contrast the two parties on the basis of ideology and coalition-building. In terms of ideology summarize each party’s basic positions on issues in the areas of foreign, economic, and social policy. Where do they agree and disagree and what philosophical or ideological patterns seem to emerge? Make a list of the groups of people that the platform seems to appeal to. Is there a pattern in the type of groups that each party tries to appeal to most?2. Find voter turnout statistics for the 2012 presidential election and the 2014 congressional election for your home congressional district and state (Hint: you can find this information on the Florida Division of Elections and Broward Supervisor of Elections websites). Compare these figures to the national average voter turnout in these two elections. Explain the differences in these statistics in terms of the factors suggested in the text as influencing voter turnout, such as the social and economic characteristics of your congressional district, the type of election, and the degree of electoral competition.3. Examine Pew Research Public Knowledge Reports. Highlight some areas that people know about and do not know about. Are there any differences by certain groups? Take the News IQ Quiz at http://www.pewresearch.org/quiz/the-news-iq-quiz/. Did anything surprise you as to how you did and compared to everyone else?4. Take an issue and analyze it through the stages of the policy process as outlined in your textbook. What happened along each stage? (Hint: you want to pick a policy that has gone through all 6 stages).
here is the needed textbook : https://florida.theorangegrove.org/og/file/2e74506d-6095-0531-a2fb-b04504b885bd/1/9781616101633_LenzHolman.pdf- also i`ve attached it
you may choose the issue on your own

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