Research paper

Readings list attachedPurpose: Your purpose in writing this paper is to research and explain how historical and social context influence the different works in literature.This semester, we have read three different genres in literature: poetry, fiction and drama. Each poetry, drama or fiction selection we have covered was written during a particular time period that influenced the writer and the work itself. For example, language/dialect, characters, themes are some examples of elements that can be influenced by a time period.For this assignment, you will write a FOUR page researched essay about how
historical and social context influence the different works in literature (poetry, drama and fiction). Refer back to the various selections we have read and focus on how those works were influenced. For example, if a poem was written in 1962, you would focus on how the historical and social context influence that poem. You are open to use as many works as you wish, as long as those works remain in the genre of poetry, drama and fiction.REMEMBER, THIS IS A RESEARCH PAPER. THUS, INCORPORATING RESEARCH IS IMPERATIVE. PLEASE USE THREE TO FIVE SOURCES. THE PAPER SHOULD BE IN MLA STYLE.Be sure to decide on a clear and concise thesis statement.Specifications: Length: 4-6 pages (typed and double-spaced) One-inch margins, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman Cite sources using MLA format

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