Training & Development – A Worthy Investment

Training and development expenditure is not \’icing\’ – it is an investment which if properly managed is core to the continued growth and success of the business” (Day, 1989). Write a detailed report for your senior manager, outlining the business case for investing in the training and development of employees, along with the benefits of such investment for both the organisation and employees.Below is a suggested structure for your assignment (I recommend that you use the six headings referred to below):

1.Introduction2.Overview of the business case for investing in the training and development of employees (i.e. if you were to try to convince your senior management of the value of investment in HRD, what points would you make in your argument?)3.Benefits of training of development for the organisation4.Benefits of training of development for employees5.Conclusion6.Bibliography

I would like to bring to your attention as you begin to prepare Assignment 1 as these are issues that may impact on the grade you will be awarded:

The use of references throughout the main body of your assignment is important as these demonstrate the extent of reading you have completed. Any idea, theme, or argument you have found in textbooks and journal articles and used in your assignment must be correctly referenced within the main body of the assignment. Each paragraph in your assignment must contain a number of references to demonstrate that you have read widely around the subject of the assignment. You should avoid using websites sources for your assignment (apart from a website like which would be a very suitable source for your assignments for this module). A comprehensive bibliography should also be included at end of the assignment.Please ensure that you follow the Harvard style of referencing (a copy of the Harvard guidelines can be found on:

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