Review the portfolio link in the Reading & Study folder prior to commencing this activity.

A portfolio, for all practical purposes, is a “show-and-tell,” enlarged résumé, or a sophisticated scrapbook that offers you the unique opportunity of presenting your education, accomplishments, and skills. It is no longer true that primarily only people in the visual, communication, and education fields prepare portfolios. Times have truly changed and job seekers in all industries are taking advantage of the distinct edge that a well-prepared portfolio provides when interviewing. The résumé can get you the interview; the portfolio can get you the job!

For this assignment, you must create a PowerPoint portfolio with the following steps:

· Review the portfolio link in the Reading & Study folder prior to commencing this activity.

· Using Microsoft Word, you will prepare a cover letter to a particular company, as an interest letter in which you are seeking a specific position (real or created). This document should be constructed to look as if it were an email. Attach portfolio separately.

· Using PowerPoint, you will prepare your portfolio with the sections noted below. Be sure that any scanned items such as transcripts, etc. are clear and straight on the page. Be creative (color, visuals, transitions, etc.) but make your work clear and concise.

o 1st slide: Cover page

o 2nd slide: Table of contents

o Résumé

o Sections divided by titled slides (like tabs in a hard copy)

§ Basic Skills

§ Thinking Skills

§ Personal Qualities

§ Experience

§ Cognate Synthesis—a bulleted explanation of how your cognate areas can enhance your professional career choice.

§ NOTE: Be sure that all information within each section is concise but complete and presents you in a good light. Review all examples on the website PRIOR to completing this step.

· Copy and paste the cover letter and place this in the “notes” section of the Final Portfolio Presentation submission area

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