What are the advantages and disadvantages of being in such a role?

Computer Technology


An information technology (IT) professional will need to remain current in his or her field throughout his or her career. Advancing in IT dictates the need to develop new skills and knowledge if one is to attain higher and more demanding positions. Opportunities abound in every field of IT.

One role in IT might be that of a Computer System’s Administrator. In that role, you would be required to configure, manage and troubleshoot computer systems. As a matter of fact, whether one works in an organization as an administrator or whether one just manages their own computer, understanding how to manage computer systems is important for everyone in this modern age. To get a sense of what some of these tasks might entail, complete the Lab tasks as described in the instructions for the Unit 4 Lab.

Click here for the instructions for the Unit 4 Lab tasks.

Prepare a Word document that contains 1-2 pages of information summarizing your thoughts about the following four bullets.

How you would like to be in a position that involves performing these types of tasks?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of being in such a role?
Specify activities that you liked or disliked and explain your reasons.
Investigate other career tracks that you might have an interest (Information/Database Management, Software Development, Networking, Security and Digital Investigations) and discuss why you might be interested in you selected area.

Prepare your work in a Word document with APA style (title page, abstract, citations, and references). Use valid and scholarly resources.

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