What is the difference between redundant labor and disguised unemployment?

read the following pdf files and find answers for the following 18 questions. you can use ctr + f and search keywords to find answers. if can finish in 1 hour i have an other related work for you.

The Stages of Economic Growth

1. Why do traditional societies have a productive ceiling that cannot be broken?

2. What percentage of available labor in the traditional society is dedicated to food production? What does the remaining labor do?

3. What created the preconditions for take-off in Western Europe?

4. What three changes in the non-industrial sectors of the economy laid the groundwork for sustained industrialization?

5. What is a leading sector? What are some historical examples?

6. What happens to net investment during the takeoff period?

7. What social change is required for the take-off period?

8. What defines the drive to maturity stage?

9. In what three directions might a mature economy turn?

10. here are a number of interesting empirical claims in this article. We have the benefit of over fifty more years of observations. What of his claims would you be most interested in investigating further?


Theory of Economic Development

1. What type of “underdeveloped” country is this theory of development concerned with?

2. The line d-f in graph 1-1 is the demand for labor in the industrial sector of the economy. What causes it to shift out to d’-f’?

3. What is the difference between redundant labor and disguised unemployment?

4. When will the rural landlords find decide to pay agricultural workers more then the traditional wage?

5. In this model TAS stands for total agricultural surplus. How is this surplus transferred from the agricultural sector to the industrial sector?

6. Why do the terms of trade move against the industrial sector?

7. 1. What is the turning point?

8. 1. What is the commercialization point?

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