What are the current research results and conclusions regarding the technology?

I will provide you with the references and my 1st draft and 2nd draft.***
you will need to add more information to it in detail. A PDF resource must be used named CLAYS.pdf

Research Paper Description
The research paper should follow the following outline.

1.Design Alternatives/Technologies Introduction: (Give an overview of the researched alternatives/technologies)
2.Technology Motivation and Context (What are the motivation and the context of the technology?)
3.Technology Objectives (What are the technology objectives and the questions/hypotheses associated with the technology?)
4.Approach to Advance the Technology (What are the approach and/or methodology and/or model and/or framework employed in design alternatives/technologies evaluation? What are the data used? (Not applicable for technologies that do not have an empirical evaluation) How accurate are the data used? )
5.Current Status of the Technology (What are the current research results and conclusions regarding the technology?) Provide a critical evaluation of the results. (What do the results tell us about the research questions/hypotheses?) Provide a review of how the technology is currently being used.
6.Technology Extension (What are the future directions for the technology?)
7.Practical Contribution of the Technology (How would you rate the overall contribution of the technology to the area of Systems Engineering?)
9.Technology Paper Evaluation (Describe the contribution of this research paper to you and the course. How would you improve this semester project?)

You should explain everything in your own words and your discussion should be understandable to someone who is not familiar with the topic! Do not assume that your reader is aware of the design alternatives/technologies. Therefore, make the effort to succinctly introduce basic concepts and ideas.

This paper should be on design alternatives/technologies, 5 pages long, using IEEE format.

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