What could be a potential problem when trying to reach that goal?

Write a paper of at least 5 pages double-spaced (or 2 ½ pages single-spaced) by using the following guidelines.)

Check out the Copenhagen Consensus Center at: http://www.copenhagenconsensus.com

It is a project which aims at making the world a better place. They try to be wary of unrealistic aspirations and instead focus on the most effective goals. Their intent is to achieve these goals by 2030. Please proceed as following:

– Check out their webpage listed above and explore the project and their intentions.

– Find an example for an area which you think needs to be made number 1 priority to make the world a better place in your view. I would like you to come up with an informed decision and arguments why you chose what you chose.

– In a next step explain a strategy by explaining a set of actions and commitments how positive change can happen. What can be done to reach that goal? What actions can be taken to reach that plan?

– What could be a potential problem when trying to reach that goal?

– Please structure your write-up with headers as follows: 1.“identified priority area”, 2. “strategies and actions to make it work”, 3. “potential problems when trying to make that strategic change”. This will help my grading and gives you structure when writing.

– Make sure to quote in the following way throughout, e.g. list the exact internet quote or the author and a full reference. Always add a source when you cite and do not just take information. Of course, you need to respect the honor code of the university.

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