What major concerns are addressed in the budget document?

Part 1 – Budget analysis
1. In your paper, provide answers to the following questions using visual as well as text. Provide the discussion and analysis as if you were presenting a report to Council:
a. What major concerns are addressed in the budget document?
b. What is the total County budget? Breakout the budget for the enterprise funds versus the general fund.
c. What sources of revenue are received by the County overall?

2. Look at the General fund budget overall. Compare revenues and expenditures budgeted.
a. Determine which Department consumes the most general government resources (support your selection). For that department, answer these questions:
i. What are the department’s goals and purpose? How do those match with what you would think the citizens expect?
ii. Are there revenues specific to the department?
iii. What are the budgeted expenditures? Provide examples from the budget.
iv. If a 15% decrease is to be made for this department you have chosen where would you cut the budget? Explain why and what you think the overall effect of this decrease would be on the department.
v. Anything else you think is significant about this department’s budget?

Part 2 – CAFR analysis

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